Our Products

  • FlavourSpec™

    A GC-IMS system designed to analyze the head space of liquid samples. Able to handle, prepare and analyze large numbers of samples in automation.

  • BreathSpec™-VOC analysis

    A GC-IMS instrument design for rapid and extremely sensitive analysis of metabolic marker substances in human breath.

  • GC-IMS™

    A multipurpose analytical instrument combining the separation of fast GC with the first in class sensitivity of IMS. Capable to be deployed standalone or at line or in line.


    GC-IMS-SILOX™: The ideal instrument for the online or portable measurement of siloxane levels in biogas The presence of siloxanes has become a significant problem for the biogas generation industry.

Imspex Diagnostics – Lab quality analysis on the field

Our company is focused on the continuous development of our GC-IMS analytical instrument platform and its many applications in lab quality sensitive analysis on the field.

As a technology-led company which now owns the well established analytical instrument developer GAS GmbH, we are working with food and environmental industries and with the medical sector to deliver a set of analytical instrument solutions ideal for:

  • Flavour and fragrance characterization and improvement
  • Food and beverage QC/QA
  • Environmental measurements
  • Workplace safety measurements
  • Clinical diagnostics and screening

Our unique proposition minimizes the cost and complication of analytics and delivers solutions at the Point of Need.